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From your background, what three skills have you gained that would be most beneficial to the role of a trainee solicitor. Why do you feel these skills are relevant? (3000 characters)
We are looking for ambitious and well-motivated individuals who have a real commitment to the law. What are your three key personal motivations to undertake a training contract at Irwin Mitchell? (2000 characters)
Our clients have lots of legal advisors to choose from. As a trainee solicitor you will speak with new clients on a day to day basis, therefore it is important to understand how Irwin Mitchell can support them. After a busy day at the office, you begin your journey home on the train. The passenger next to you notices you are reading a legal journal and mentions that they are currently looking for a new firm of solicitors as they are not happy with their current firm. How would you promote Irwin Mitchell to the potential client? (2000 characters)
As a trainee you will need to be flexible in your approach to everything, as each day will bring different demands to your time. Please tell us about a time when you have had to manage multiple tasks or responsibilities. What was your role, what did you do and what was the outcome? (2000 characters)
We understand that everybody's situation is different, be it business or personal. As experts in our field we must analyse every client's needs and demonstrate initiative to achieve a positive outcome. Please describe an original solution that you developed to solve a problem. Why was it important for you to implement this? What did you do and what was the outcome? (2000 characters)
As a full service law firm we have expert teams who work together collectively as OneIM to achieve positive outcomes for our clients. You are collaborating on an urgent project which is due to be completed in five days. You haven't worked with these colleagues before and everyone has different ideas on how the project should run. Conversations are getting quite heated. How would you move this forward whilst ensuring everyone remains engaged and feels valued? (2000 characters)
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Why would I want to pay for someone else’s application?

Every year law firms reject thousands of impressive, intelligent and hard-working candidates after a brief skim of their application forms. Your application must stand out from the crowd if you want to make the cut.

Our database of successful applications will help you avoid the trial and error approach. By reviewing best practice examples, you will quickly understand the standard required to succeed.

Our examples will help you to understand how to structure an effective answer, present your own experiences in the most favourable light and ultimately secure your own interview for a vacation scheme or training contract at your dream law firm.

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How is your product different from anyone else’s application I could pay for?

It’s not enough just to read someone else’s successful application. You need to understand exactly why a candidate’s application was successful before you can replicate their success in your own draft.

Every application in our database includes detailed commentary by our team of qualified lawyers from top law firms. We identify why the application was successful and highlight techniques that you can apply to your own application.

Not sure how much of a difference this makes? Check out our video reviews from previous customers of our bespoke application review service. You will benefit from the same expert commentary by lawyers who reviewed these applications.

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How can I use these example applications in my own application?

Application writing is a skill. The best candidates take a structured approach to developing this skill in every example application that they review from our Application Database.

As you read each paragraph, you should think about what the candidate has done well that explains why his/her application was successful and then compare your answer against our expert commentary.

By carrying out this exercise and internalising our feedback, you will quickly learn to identify the hallmarks of a successful application. You can then apply these principles to your own application and maximise your chances of winning a vacation scheme or training contract interview.

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Can I copy and paste parts of the sample application?

We advise against this. In the same way that universities use anti-plagiarism software to compare your answer to a bank of all previous essays that they have received, law firms use similar software to screen applications against all prior answers that they have on file. You can use these examples for inspiration but avoid copy and pasting text directly.

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Do you buy successful applications?

Not yet. We have a strong pipeline of recent successful applications from top law firms which we're working our way through.

We're likely to start buying successful applications in 2023. Please check back then.

Every application included in our database is anonymised. We take care to change any personally identifiable information in the Application Database (e.g. name, university, unique extracurriculars or achievements).

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I've got another question. How can I get in touch with you?

You can use the Contact Us form here.

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