Save yourself another application cycle. Fully prepare with our detailed, realistic commercial case studies.

45 minute practice case studies.  12 page model answers.

Sample memos and newspaper articles from the NCL practice case study
“Another update - I got the training contract! Thank you so much for all your help, I definitely think it made a difference!”
Anonymous NCL customer

Future Trainee Solicitor

Practice makes perfect

You have worked hard to win an assessment centre spot. You are close to your goal of securing a training contract. Don’t let it slip away.  

To make the most of this chance, you need to prepare effectively for the commercial case study exercise. Use our high-quality written and live practice case studies to practise and learn:

  • In our live case study, you will take on the role of a trainee lawyer at the commercial law firm Young & Page. Your supervisor has sent you 15 pages of emails, internal memos and newspaper articles about a fictional pharmaceutical transaction. You have 45 minutes to review the documents and prepare answers to your supervisor’s questions before he gets back to the office.  
  • In our written case study, you will provide commercial advice to a struggling clothing manufacturer. There’s a kick-off call in 45 minutes. You need to review their current business model based on 10 pages of memos, emails and charts. Then you need to draft your recommendations on the client’s strategy for your supervisor to present on the call.

Each mock case study provides a crucial opportunity for you to practice and learn. Just like mock exam papers, practising a mock case study is the best way to prepare yourself for your assessment centre.

We’ve seen dozens of real-life example case studies. Our founders are qualified lawyers who assess candidates on actual assessment days. As a result, the NCL Case Studies are the closest examples of the real thing.  

But competition is intense. Even this is not enough by itself…

Example content from the NCL written case study

Learn from our 12 page model answers

After completing each case study, you can review the NCL model answer. This is the qualified lawyer’s perspective on the case study. It will enable you to meet and exceed the standard expected of future trainees.

We will teach you vital concepts which the top commercial law firms expect you to know. Each case study comes with >12 pages of commentary to help you build the commercial knowledge to stand out in your assessment centre.

Sounds good - but expensive, right?

All of this for £19.99

Use our detailed, realistic commercial case studies to fully prepare for your assessment centre

Some students spend dozens of hours and hundreds of pounds on commercial awareness seminars. You don’t need to do this. It isn’t the best way to prepare.

Instead, invest 2 - 3 hours and £19.99 in completing the NCL case study and reading our model answer. It’s the single most effective way to avoid rejection at your assessment centre.

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“Their advice is always very thorough, precise and straightforward. I would 100% recommend Next City Lawyer. Thank you!”
Anonymous NCL customer

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“This is more than a proofreading service. They catch your errors in logic and areas where your writing is ambiguous and unclear”

Future Trainee Solicitor

“The great thing about NCL is that they’re actual lawyers who are dedicated to helping you get a career in law”

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"I wanted to let you know that I have been invited to an assessment centre at Macfarlanes. Thank you once again to your team for helping me with the application"
Anonymous NCL customer

Future Trainee Solicitor

"Thank you for your help this cycle...I'm amazed that after three years being stuck as the initial application phase, I managed to secure a training contract less than a month after my first direct application (which undoubtedly would have been impossible without NCL)"
Anonymous NCL customer

Future Trainee Solicitor

“The quality of resources is absolutely unparalleled”

Future Trainee Solicitor

“Another update - I got the training contract! Thank you so much for all your help, I definitely think it made a difference!”

Future Trainee Solicitor

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